Enjoy This Negative Emotions List

Here is a Negative Emotions List that can be used by Children, Counselors, Teachers, Parents, and the rest of us! You Can Increase your "Emotional IQ" and your knowledge of your own emotions. For a fun short Video on Emotions Click Here.

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Abandoned Abused Accused Adrift Afraid Aggravated Aggressive Agitated Agony Alarmed
Alienated Alone Aloof Ambivalent Anguished Animosity Annoyed Antagonistic Anxious Apathetic
Apprehensive Argumentative Arrogant Ashamed At Fault Attacked Avoiding Awful Awkward Bad
Baffled Banished Barren Bashful Beaten Down Befuddled Belittled Belligerent Bereft Betrayed
Bewildered Bitter Blaming Bleak Blocked Blue Boastful Bored Brokenhearted Bugged
Burdened Burned Up Captive Careless Cast Off Censured Chagrined Chaotic Chastened Cheap
Cheapened Cheated Childish Clingy Clumsy Competitive Compromised Compulsive Conceited Condemned
Confined Conflicted Confounded Confused Contemptible Contentious Contradictory Contrary Controlled Covetous
Cowardly Cranky Crazy Crippled Critical Criticized Cruel Crushed Cursed Cut Off
Cynical Debased Deceitful Deceived Defamed Defeated Defensive Defiant Deficient Defiled
Deflated Degenerate Degraded Dejected Demanding Demeaned Demoralized Dependent Depraved Depreciated
Depressed Deprived Derided Desecrated Deserted Desolate Despair Desperate Destitute Destroyed
Devalued Devastated Difficult Disappointed Discarded Disconcerted Discouraged Discredited Disgraced Disgusted
Dismal Dismayed Disorganized Disparaged Dissatisfied Distant Distorted Distressed Distrustful Disturbed
Dominated Doomed Doubtful Down Downcast Drained Dread Dreary Embarrassed Embroiled
Empty Enraged Envious Estranged Exasperated Excluded Exhausted Exploited Exposed Failure
Faithless Fatigued Fearful Feeble Filthy Finished Flighty Flustered Foggy Forgetful
Forgotten Forlorn Forsaken Fragmented Frantic Fretful Friendless Frightened Frigid Frustrated
Fuming Furious Gloomy Grieved Grim Grouchy Guilty Gullible Harassed Hardened
Harsh Hasty Hatred Haughty Haunted Heartless Helpless Hesitant Hindered Hopeless
Horrible Horrified Hostile Humiliated Hurried Hurt Hypocritical Hysterical Ignorant Immature
Immobilized Impaired Impatient Impotent Impoverished Imprisoned Impulsive In a Bind Inadequate Incapable
Incensed Incompetent Inconsiderate Inconsistent Indecisive Indignant Ineffective Inefficient Inept Inferior
Inflexible Infuriated Inhibited Insecure Insignificant Insincere Insulted Intimidated Irresponsible Irritable
Isolated Jealous Jittery Joyless Judgmental Jumpy Lacking Left Out Let Down Limited
Listless Livid Lonely Lonesome Longing Lost Lousy Low Mad Malicious
Maligned Manipulated Manipulative Materialistic Mean Melancholy Minimized Miserable Miserly Mistreated
Misunderstood Misused Mixed Up Mocked Moody Mortified Mournful Muddled Naive Narrow
Nauseated Negative Neglected Nervous Obnoxious Obsessed Obstinate Obstructed Offended On Edge
Opiniated Opposed Oppositional Oppressed Outcase Outraged Overlooked Overwhelmed Overworked Pained
Panicky Paralyzed Paranoid Peculiar Perfectionistic Perplexed Persecuted Perturbed Pessimistic Phobic
Phony Pitiful Powerless Prejudiced Pressured Punished Puny Pushed Put Down Puzzled
Rattled Rebellious Regretful Rejected Remorseful Remote Reproved Repulsive Resentful Resistant
Responsible Restless Restrained Restricted Ridiculed Risky Rotten Ruined Rushed Ruthless
Sad Sarcastic Scared Scattered Scoffed At Scorned Seething Shaky Shallow Shameful
Shocked Shot Down Shunned Shy Sick Sinful Slammed Slandered Slighted Slow
Small Smothered Smug Sorrowful Spiteful Stagnant Stifled Stingy Stressed Stubborn
Stumped Stupid Suffering Suicidal Superficial Superior Suspicious Tactless Tearful Temperamental
Tense Terrible Terrified Thoughtless Threatened Thwarted Timid Tired Tortured Trapped
Troubled Turned Off Unable Unappreciated Uncertain Uncomfortable Undecided Undesirable Undisciplined Uneasy
Unforgivable Unforgiving Unfriendly Unhappy Unimportant Unmindful Unorganized Unpleasant Unprotected Unreasonable
Unsettled Unsure Unthankful Unwanted Unwise Unworthy Upset Uptight Used Useless
Vengeful Vexed Vicious Vindictive Violated Violent Vulnerable Washed Up Wasted Weak
Weepy Withdrawn Worried Worthless Wounded Wrong Yearning      

Watch This Short Fun Video About Positive Emotions - and Get a Free Positive Emotions List and a Negative Emotions List

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Here below is a picture of the list of Negative Emotions - for use on Pinterest..!


Now, why would you want a Negative Emotions List?

Well, I'll tell you.

It is all fine and dandy to know your positive emotions and increase your Emotional I.Q. that way. You can also use the positive emotion words to literally increase your manifesting skills!

Negative emotions are a part of our earth experience. Now let me give you a little tip.

The fastest way to get over and through your negative emotions (to more positive emotions) is to identify them, feel them fully, and then let them change into something else.


Emotions are "in motion" and will change and move as long as you don't get stuck in them.

When you can identify and name the emotion you are feeling, whether it be cowardly, cynical, contrary, or conceited, you can get through it faster.

Your Emotional I.Q does not only pertain to the positive emotions, but to the negative" ones also.

You can call them "Teaching" emotions if you like, because you can always learn from them!

I sure do.

When you do feel Abandoned, Abused, or Accused, you'll know what you are feeling and gain some clarity.

Feel that negative emotion, and get through it as quickly as possible. Don't get stuck! That's just dumber than mud to want to stay in your negative emotions and wallow in them.